A Stormy Week Highlights The Cloud Workspace Advantage

March 13, 2018
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March 13, 2018 Richard McElroy


This past week New Jersey and indeed the entire tri-state area was walloped with multiple storms that left the region reeling. Looking at the damage the storms caused, the power outages, the transportation interruptions and the thousands stranded in hotels or their homes unable to get to their offices I was wondering how many businesses were impacted. How many businesses continued their operations uninterrupted?

With all the disruption to our personal and business lives I think this might be a good time to re-iterate how a Cloud Workspace can help your company continue to operate as efficiently as possible with a  minimum of disruption through trying events such as the tri-state area experienced this past week.

Companies that have moved to a Cloud Workspace were able to have their employees work from home during the difficult travel days increasing employee safety, company productivity and allowing employees to save personal time for more serious needs. Workplaces that lost power for an extended period of time had their employees work from other locations not missing a beat as their competitors struggled with the issues of snow, travel and power.

The storms that hit the tri-sate area were not especially powerful but, the impact to businesses was significant. It behooves all businesses owners to look at their business continuity plans and see if a Cloud Workspace could fit into their future.

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