4 Reasons A Cloud Workspace Can Make Your Organization More Secure

May 16, 2018
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May 16, 2018 Richard McElroy

If you ask CIO’s, IT service providers and business owners as to what keeps them up with worry, there is no doubt that security would be right at the top of the list. Whether protecting against hackers, ransomware, denial of service attacks, fraud or malicious employees the threats are real, evolving and seemingly everywhere.   This is especially true for small-to-medium-sized businesses that lack the advanced security tools and expertise needed to combat these threats.

We’ve written before about ways to protect your business from the many threats that can hurt your business but how can moving your company to a cloud workspace help?

  1. Endpoint Protection

    Because the number of devices that user are now bringing to the workplace and the number of ways and locations that employees need to work from, being sure that the endpoint that is logging onto your system is protected and secure. The last thing you need is for a rogue device infecting your network.

    Because in a cloud workspace environment all users use an encrypted and secure connection to access a virtual desktop that is completely under  your company’s control there is no doubt that the desktop accessing your systems is configured to your exact specifications.

  2. Basic Access Controls

    Over time, as a company grows and its systems grow it seems almost inevitable that user access rules weaken. Sometimes it is because a user needed access to data for a one time project and the access rights where never revoked. Perhaps it is because someone copied an incorrect user profile for a user and that mistake propagated for all users. We can also not forget that in may companies the Administrative password is readily available for whomever needs it.

    In a cloud workspace all users are locked down to only approved applications, their data access is strictly enforced and they have no ability to access Administrative privileges.

  3. Software and Patch Management

    Patch management of Microsoft and 3rd party software is a critical component of any security process. One of the largest issues facing companies as they perform path management is the local PC. Many times PC’s are not left on and don’t receive a critical patch. Patches fail to install and IT support is too busy with other tasks to fix every failed patch.

    In a cloud workspace the patches need only be applied once and every desktop is compliant. No need to worry about individual desktops.

  4. Data Backup

    Data backup is a critical and indispensable component of data security. In a cloud workspace, real-time snapshots taken as often as needed, spread across multiple data centers and available in a short time frame make your data secure.  With a cloud workspace snapshot backup files and entire servers are availbe for recovery.

See how easily your company can secure itself with a cloud workspace

See how easily your company can secure itself with a cloud workspace

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