What If?

  • An Employee Has Used A Computer Or Mobile Device Belonging To Your Company For An Illicit Purpose.
  • You Need To Recover Digital Evidence Discreetly With Minimal Disruption To Your Business.
  • An Employee Is Suspected Of Stealing Confidential Information.
  • You Need To Recover Data Or Emails That Were Maliciously Deleted.
  • You Need A Digital Forensics Expert To Examine Digital Evidence.
  • You Suspect Malware Or Spyware On A Device.
  • You Need To Recover Evidence Of Hidden Assets.

You Need To Act NOW!

What We Do!

  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Forensically Sound Data Acquisition
  • Digital Security Consulting
  • Evidence Examination and Analysis
  • Recovery Of Deleted Data
  • Corporate Investigations

Genusys Can Help!

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