Five Reasons For Small To Mid-Sized Business To Move To Cloud Workspaces

January 17, 2018
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January 17, 2018 Richard McElroy


The Cloud Workspaces trend to deliver IT services is only going to grow in the Small to Mid-Sized (SMB) market, as the affordability, speed, and reliability of cloud desktops improve.  Many companies in the SMB space are struggling with the very real issues of data privacy, data security, compliance and costs associated with using technology effectively in their organizations and for their customers.

There are as many solutions as there are issues to be addressed, but more and more business owners are turning to Cloud Workspaces as the most cost effective and practical solution to  myriad of pressing technological issue.

Here are five key reasons SMBs are adopting Cloud Workspaces:

Security and Data Privacy

For many companies, their computing environments look a bit like “who did it and ran”. As an organization that gets to see the inside of  IT environments we are often shocked to see the lack of security, data privacy and data protection that exists in the SMB space. This situation expresses itself in more ways than older and poorly configured hardware, it is caused by building upon a weak and flawed foundation year after year until the task of correcting the situation becomes overwhelming and/or too costly.

Oftentimes, security and desktop policies need a big overhaul. Admin privileges must be reined in, application access changed, and data security and access rights improved. For many companies, delivering the user’s desktop from the cloud helps centralize and fix the security and data privacy issues without the costly and disruptive process of rebuilding their current infrastructure.

Locked down desktops, the right application access rules, patched and updated software, and a properly configured file server help eliminate many of the most basic security vulnerabilities and data privacy threats faced by all companies. Delivering the Windows desktop experience from the cloud is one of the easiest ways to solve the security and data privacy issues faced by so many businesses.

Expansion And A Distributed Workforce 

In the SMB market most companies are growing through geographical expansion, opening branch offices, field sales offices and merging or buying other companies. All of these growth strategies come with a high technology cost and effort that maintaining your own physical infrastructure entails. Opening a new location or trying to combine two existing physical infrastructures can be costly and fraught with risk.

Some companies are finding that their growth and cost structure can be better served by growing virtually rather than physically. For example a customer service desk may be cheaper and more effective to be staffed by agents around the country and Cloud Workspaces allow this with no additional up-front technology cost other than the normal costs associated with a new employee.

The world has become a work anytime, anywhere place where with the right technology, employees can be productive from home, on the road, or out with customers.  Cloud Workspaces are powerful tools that companies need to win business, attract and retain employees regardless of location and control the flow and access to data that is required to be competitive.


Bring your own device (BYOD) is mostly about flexible computing. For most companies desktops, thin clients, or laptops are corporate owned. However, employees want and need access to their workspace and files wherever they go. Work can be performed anywhere today, from a smartphone, tablet, or from a home office machine. The question is, how secure, controlled, and private is that approach? What are the data privacy and data leakage risks? With Cloud Workspaces the computing environment is controlled and more secure, no matter the client device. A Cloud Workspace can be delivered a reliably and securely, whether it is to an employee’s old home office desktop or to a brand new iPad.

As-needed Computing

Many companies have seasonal or as-needed computing requirements. Many industries have seasonal or project based demand for labor and computing resources. These are ideal scenarios for Cloud Workspaces.  Cloud Workspaces allow for a company to dd servers and computing power as required and to spin the same resources down when not needed.

Security, distributed and as-needed computing, BYOD and application delivery are all key drivers for Cloud Workspaces.

Windows Is Not Going Away

The success of Windows 10 has pretty much put to rest the debate about the future of Windows. It is clear that Windows is where the vast majority of business critical apps are available on the Windows platform.  Within this world there are numerous options that your users want to use to get at all of their applications and data and Cloud Workspaces allows your company to deliver the business critical Windows applications needed to run your business on a Windows laptop or PC, a Mac, a tablet a Chromebook or phone.  Now more than ever your company’s options are no longer limited t costly hardware buried in the back room of your offices.

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