Genusys Is Proud To Announce That We Are Now A Webroot Certified Partner!

December 22, 2017
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December 22, 2017 Richard McElroy




Since its founding, Genusys has been committed to providing the best tools available to protect our customers and their data from the myriad of threats that can cripple a business.  We spend considerable time and resources to make sure that the products we and our customers use to provide a seamless technology infrastructure are best of breed, are current in their technology and have a product road map that ensures they will grow where our customers are moving to. To that end, Genusys has become a Certified Webroot Partner.

Why Is This Important To Our Customers?

The end point security market has evolved significantly over the past few years, and, here at Genusys, we’re always looking for ways to empower our customers with the best available solutions to protect your data both efficiently and cost effectively. The shifting nature of cyber security threats, and the methods that these threats use to spread, require a new approach to effectively protect your network and data from being compromised.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a different type of end point protection than you may be familiar with.  It doesn’t use the typical antivirus signature database, but works on metadata and heuristic behavior patterns. Webroot calculates a numeric (MD5, for you math geeks) value for each file and checks it against an online database to see if the file has been previously identified as either “good” or “suspicious”. Once a file has been identified as “good”, Webroot only worries about the bad and unknown files.

Whenever Webroot sees an unknown program execute, it monitors the programs actions and journals all changes. If the program being monitored makes a change that is not reversible, Webroot prevents that action from happening. So for example, if a piece of malware wants to send data to an unknown server, Webroot will block that activity. Webroot also sends details about the offending programs data back to its servers. If the program is determined to be malicious, it removes the program and rolls back any changes to your system that the malicious program made.

The Webroot local program is unique as well because most of the work is done in the cloud. As a result, the local program is compact and lightning fast. Gone are the days of an anti-virus scan slowing down your PC while you’re trying to work! There is no need to worry about what happens when you’re not connected to the Internet either. If a new program is executed on your device when you are not connected, Webroot treats it as an unknown program, taking the appropriate action once it is connected and a proper determination of safety can be made.

To Summarize: The End User Benefits

  • Behavior-based threat analysis: Eliminates the need for signatures and minimizes the window of vulnerability.
  • Webroot Intelligence Network: A cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a faster response to new threats than ever before. Once a threat is detected, every endpoint on the network is protected.
  • Offline protection: Includes protection for machines when they’re offline, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall.
  • Journaling and roll-back: Proactively monitors any change made to an endpoint by a malicious file and rolls the system back to the safe state, eliminating the need for re-imaging machines.
  • Cloud-based firewall: Augments the Microsoft Windows firewall, protects against “phone home” attacks, and ensures only policy-approved applications communicate with the network.
  • Identity and Privacy Shield: Hardens the OS and browser to prevent loss of intellectual property through hijacks, keyloggers, and screen-scrapers.

For Genusys, Webroot provides us with a superior and cost efficient method to maintain our commitment to providing our customers with the best services and tools possible. Some of the management features that help us and our customers are:

  • Centralized endpoint management console: Genusys can remotely execute commands such as scanning, killing un-trusted processes.
  • Centralized policy control: Genusys can remotely set application and Web usage policies at the individual, group or companywide level.
  • System cleaner: Gives Genusys an alternative to reimaging or rebuilding a device as a first response.
  • Remote deployment tool: Easily installs the product across every endpoint on the network. Typical installation time is less than 6 seconds.
  • Won’t conflict with other security solutions: No need to uninstall existing security products to trial or deploy it. Can be used standalone or as a second layer of protection.

We would be happy to sit with your company to discuss your cyber security situation and how Genusys can help protect your company from the cyber security threats attacking your systems every day.

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