Is Your Email Security Effective?

June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2018 Richard McElroy

Email, the life blood of many businesses. Without email business would screech to a halt. But, it is through this door that most compromising security threats come through. According to one email security vendor, Cyren Technologies,  a gap analysis run on emails delivered to users mailboxes after passing spam and virus filters revealed a scary gap between what is presumed safe and what is actually safe.

“Recently, we ran Gap Analysis assessments with a number of companies and processed a total of 11.7 million emails. These had all been scanned by the in-place email security solution, considered clean and delivered to users. We found that 10.2% were spam, which is an annoyance for users, but of greater concern was the number of phishing (34,143 emails) and malware threats (5,039 emails) reaching users.” 

An issue many companies of all sizes face is that because a reoccurring  problem has not surfaced they assume everything is working as expected. Unfortunately, it only takes one inadvertent click, one phishing email  and your entire organization could be put at risk. The chart from IBM below shows the increase of malicious software growth over the years.


Most large email providers have spam and virus protection but by design they are not as strict as an organization should have because the larger email providers don’t want to make the decision of what emails should reach your organization. Your email provider,rightly, assumes that you will take the appropriate actions to ensure that the doors to your organization are secured. Unfortunately, they don’t publicize this and hence your organization may be less secure than you think.

The threat environment grows everyday with an ever increasing volume of attacks coming through email. Cyber criminals are always looking for low cost, low risk opportunities.

There are multiple ways to add additional security to your email environment. Don’t let your organization fall victim.

See how easily your company can secure itself

See how easily your company can secure itself

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