The Genusys Group has been helping clients excel with managed IT services, solutions and services tailored to fit their needs. Over 80 percent of our clients have less than 50 computer users, proving how small- to medium-sized companies make up the backbone of our business.

What makes The Genusys Group different is that our experts take the time to get to know your business strategy, and we design a customized IT solution built around the specific needs of your company. We work primarily in the central New Jersey and Lehigh Valley areas, but on occasion assist companies outside our immediate geographic locale.

Our mission: create an effective and sustainable relationship with every client we serve. We’re not here just to sell products or services; we strive to be an extension of your own IT department, or in many instances manage all your technology services as your outsourced IT department.

Our certified expert technicians offer superior customer service and have direct experience across a comprehensive array of technology products and service offerings, to allow your business to focus on what it needs to do most.

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Here are our most frequently requested services:

Microsoft Office 365

Your mission-critical communications are paramount to your sustainability as a company. Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s largest and leading corporate communications platform and, as a Microsoft Office 365 provider, we can help you achieve all your communications goals and objectives. Through Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, we’ll help you keep everything functioning on every type of device.

Communication tools like email and attachments, contact lists, calendars, Teams and more are continually accessed. They are essential to your business operations and must function flawlessly to keep productivity high, and customers top of mind. Our cloud-based services accomplish all of that, with no up-front fees, or hardware to maintain. In fact, installation, maintenance, upgrades and support services can now be a predictable monthly fee, with no disruption of current operations.

Managed Services (remote access and diagnosis)

Your important data requires complex technologies management. Feel secure in knowing that Genusys Remote Managed Services answers the call for Security, Compliance Management and systems availability.

Genusys RMS is the premier solution to increased productivity and increased technical support availability. We support all aspects of your technology, allowing you the freedom to focus on what you do best. With Genusys RMS, you can now capitalize on a real return on investment of your technology spend. Our remote monitoring and management of your entire network allows for maximum visibility and control while RMS anticipates and resolves identified issues with speed and efficiency.

You can rely on our highly trained experts. Our mantra of “use of best practices” and “State of the Market” technologies provides a wealth of excellence, differentiating Genusys from its competitors.

Repairs and Upgrades (hardware and software)

Do you have an issue with hardware or software? Genusys offers a wide variety of services to address all types of hardware repair, from broken laptops to desktop computers and Servers. Our upgrade and repair support is a single-source service offering we take great pride in. Regardless of the software or hardware concern, our IT professionals offer support, whether it is in the field, in the office or on the road.

Difficult repairs or upgrading of components, code repairs or otherwise, Genusys’ one-stop-shop approach can handle the most critical of situations, allowing your team to function at their usual high level.

Business Continuity

Making sure your business can deliver your products or services to your valuable customers after a disruption is often taken for granted. Whether it be a natural disaster, ransomware attack, fire or even a simple employee mistake, making sure your business can recover in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible must be planned for in advance.

What seems like common sense is really much, much more crucial to the survival of your business. It takes a planned approach, and a team-wide commitment to ensure your customers are not inconvenienced if something unforeseen happens. Genusys utilizes business continuity best practices and state of the market technology in the management of technical assets. Our ability to anticipate and resolve concerns, whether they be personnel related or otherwise, is unmatched. We can literally “pick up the pieces” quickly should an unforeseen disaster occurs.

Rogue Employee

Most cyber liability—including loss of data, corrupt computer files, viruses, brand bashing and so forth—are caused by disgruntled or rogue employees more than 80% of the time.

A disgruntled employee is often the one you don’t learn about until it is too late.

The time to take certain precautions and put safeguards into place is now, before the damage is done.

By having a plan and the resources to counteract such a situation, Genusys saves clients valuable time and other resources as a matter of policy. While there may be insurance policies to protect the financial damage such a rogue employee action can create, our managed approach of anticipating, reacting and resolving the situation can set your minds at ease. We’re well practiced in preventing and controlling the vast majority of cyber liability situations.

Avoiding Data Loss (backing up files)

Computer files are one of your company’s greatest assets. Protecting them from loss is paramount, but there are multiple ways to handle data backups.

Mechanical methods of electronic backup systems require hardware and some form of manipulation. It can be automatically scheduled to back up computer hard drives, but both hardware and systems can fail. If handled manually, the human factor is also worrisome, as people sometimes forget. Hard drives become corrupted, timers fail, computers crash. Most companies that have experienced this problem have relied on redundancy to assure continuity. Multiple backup drives provide a certain level of redundancy, but is it enough?

Cloud-based backup systems sound like the right answer, but which type? After all, there is more than one cloud backup methodology.

Genusys offers file based backup systems, robust system image backup solutions and SaaS backup solutions for your Office 365 email, Sharepoint and Teams implementations.

SCI-Security (Connect ID) and SecuriSync

Genusys is proud to announce two new services to our solution portfolio.

Privacy laws can dictate security demands, and Security Connect ID from Genusys is committed to a successful outcome for maintaining client data.

Whether it be financial data security, record storage services, document retrieval, document imaging or any other form of sensitive file management, your needs are handled with the utmost security practices and safeguards available anywhere in the market today at any price.

When your needs for encryption, SecuriSync is our best solution offering. At Genysys, we rely on SecuriSync for our own data encryption, but unlike other cloud storage solutions, it can handle both in-transit and at-rest encryption capabilities.

Your documents and data is unreadable, whether moving from one location to another, or merely in storage. Your administrator will have the ability to audit and control all employee files, track editing, deletions, file-sharing and any other file data activity. Additionally, mobile devices can be easily wiped of all company data from a central location should there be a reason to. Employment cessation, device misappropriation or loss, are all reasons that call for the extra security SecuriSync provides.

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