Still Running Windows XP?

April 22, 2015
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April 22, 2015 Richard McElroy

Still Running Windows XP? Were you aware that in April 2014 Microsoft ended it’s support for its Windows XP operating system and its Office 2003 product? In the press this is called the End of Life date and while that is an ominous sounding term it does not mean that your PC will suddenly stop working. What it does mean is that Microsoft will no longer be providing security patches and other important updates for these products.

Windows XP End of Life

While it was known for nearly six years that April 2014 was the End of Life date for Windows XP, there were still more than 30% of PC’s running the Windows XP operating system in Western countries and close to 50% in China at the time of its demise. Many users and organizations are leery of upgrading and each has their own reason. Some users are comfortable with XP and reluctant to change, others are concerned with the cost of upgrading systems and software and others may have a favorite or industry-specific software that will only run on the Windows XP operating system.

The major concern in continuing with the XP operating system is the security risk that comes with using outdated and unsupported applications. Along with Microsoft no longer providing security patches for the operating system, many other software companies will be stopping support for their products on the XP platform as well. Welcome to Hacker heaven! Knowing that there will be no security updates for XP and many products that are running on XP, Hackers are going to redouble their efforts to attack it. This will make any XP PC’s extremely vulnerable to malicious software, including (but not limited to) annoying browser pop-up windows and redirected searches to stealing your identity and banking information.

Questions we still receive about XP’s end of life

Q: Do you have to upgrade your current PC? No, but based on the above you really need to be thinking about it.

Q: Can you upgrade your current PC from Windows XP to another Windows operating system? Most likely not. You won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 8, the most current version of Windows. Upgrading to Windows 7 won’t be easy, and might not work depending on the age of your PC. Many older PCs just are not able to handle the demands the new Windows operating system. Plus many of the older peripherals in your office (printers, scanners) may not have drivers compatible with a newer OS.

Avoid Buyers Remorse

If your company is still running PC’s on Windows XP, this may be the ideal time to invest in a new computer or computers. Invite one of the experts at Genusys Group to visit your business, evaluate your needs, and provide the right recommendation. You will get just enough computer, an operating system that is up to date, and you won’t overspend your budget.


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