Is Your Data Protected Using Cloud Workspaces?

January 26, 2018
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January 26, 2018 Richard McElroy


Last week we talked about the trend of companies in the SMB Market to be moving their technology to a Cloud Workspace model in the post Five Reasons For Small To Mid-Sized Business To Move To Cloud Workspaces.

When speaking to owners of businesses about moving to the Cloud Workspace model we inevitably run into the same question.  How safe is my data in the cloud?

The answer…. probably a lot safer. This week, let’s briefly talk about physical security.

Local Physical Security

Many SMB companies’ computing environments are not exactly what might be called enterprise grade installations. Businesses are constrained on the space they can dedicate to servers, racks, telephone equipment, routers and modems leaving them with a tangled mess of wires and a jumble of electronics sitting in unsecured locations with access to anyone in the building.

The location of the equipment is determined by convenience and not security.  Equipment is oftentimes in locations exposed to flooding, spills, accidental bumps and dirty, dusty environments.

Cloud Server Physical Security

If you looked at the image at the top of this post you will see an image of what is a pretty normal look for a data center.  Typically all data centers will be physically located outside of disaster zones. They won’t be located in areas with a history of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and other disasters. They are located outside the 100-year and 500-year floodplain.

The facility will have onsite security personnel dedicated, 24/7/365. Video surveillance, access control usually including badges and bio-metrics. A physically reinforced structure and processes for granting outside access. The data center will have redundant power and communications as well. In case of data center failure they have redundant data centers to roll operations over to.

Genusys has moved its Cloud Workspace server provider to Google and Google’s data center protection is second to none. For a rare look inside a Google data center this Youtube video will give an excellent overview of just how secure your data center is when using Genusys’ Cloud Workspace solution!

How does physical security differ from trust and privacy?

That’s the subject of our next blog post on Cloud Workspaces!

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