A 2 Minute Cloud Workspace Explanation

March 21, 2018
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March 21, 2018 Richard McElroy
We’ve been going on and on about why business owners should be looking to move to a Cloud Workspace. We have shown why a Cloud Workspace is secure, we’ve addressed trust and privacy issues regarding placing your data in the cloud and why a Cloud Workspace is more productive than internally hosted solutions. What we haven’t addressed is what exactly is a Cloud Workspace?

The title promised a 2 minute explanation so here goes!

In its basic form a Cloud Workspace for your company consists of these parts.

  • A Domain Controller – This server manages users, user access and file and folder security .
  • A part time Backup Domain Controller – This server runs for a short period every day to act as replication store of the information from the Domain controller.
  • RDS Gateway – This server provides a secure tunnel connection between the device you are using to log into the Cloud Workspace and the Cloud Workspace using a secure protocol.
  • File Server – This server is where all of your company’s shared data, user desktops, and client applications reside. It is where the day to day guts of the business operation happen.
  • Application Server – An as needed server that is typically used for companies that have applications requiring, for example, a SQL Server or other database.

So how do you access your cloud server and what does it look like? Let’s look at an example of logining into your desktop so you can see how it all looks.

First we launch Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Application from our Desktop or Start Menu.

Press Connect

Next we enter our cloud password.

And here we are at our Cloud Workspace! Ready to go with all our applications and data.

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